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CanPacific is one of the best English language schools in Toronto for students who would like to learn English quickly for professional, academic, and general purposes. A winner of multiple Student Choice Awards, CanPacific is accredited by Languages Canada, recognized by ETS and approved by CIC as a Designated Learning Institution (DLI #: O255440517127). Since 2007, CanPacific has provided unique and effective educational services.

Our professionally certified and experienced teachers use a communicative and student-centered approach to language instruction. Our counselors provide additional support that the students need. As a team, we strive to equip each student for personal success and create a productive and friendly learning environment. As we are dedicated to high quality and innovative language instruction, we are excited to welcome you to our virtual classrooms! Now, you can take all of our programs through an online platform and enjoy interactive virtual lessons in real-time from the comfort of your home.

Student feedback

The online course of CanPacific was excellent. But it would not be so good if I were not with this teacher. She is an excellent well-trained teacher, she prepared well, kept the interesting, treated everyone with respect and encouraged us to speak and always corrected us at the right time. I loved the course, and I would definitely recommend.

Rhanna (from BrazilBrazil Flag image)

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Intensive ESL through Themes Program

Now, you have more choice in deciding how you learn the language.The Intensive ESL Program is now available in theme-based varieties:

Intensive ESL through

  • Art
  • History
  • Literature
  • Fashion
  • Photography
  • Culinary Arts (Cuisine)

The Advantages of this Program:

Develop and Improve English Proficiency Original Curriculum and Materials Learn English through the Lens of Your Personal Interest
Enhance General Knowledge Discover Interesting Facts Develop Cultural Awareness
Choice of Theme Develop Confidence in Conversational English Improve Listening Skills
Available for Beginners Fun and Interactive Online Activities Learn and Apply Grammar
Develop Insight Reflect on Personal Experiences Improve Your Writing

You can also enjoy our Online Intensive ESL Weekly Themes Program

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Diploma of Business Communication Program

Would you like to learn the global language of business and improve your business communication skills? In that case, this program is for you!

The Advantages of this Program:

Learn Business English essentials and more Become a fluent English speaker Clearly communicate in business situations
Learn formal and informal English, useful phrases and expressions Useful and Practical Grammar Improve Negotiation and Meeting Skills
High Student Satisfaction Guaranteed Improvement of all Four Communication Skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) High Student Success Rate
Deliver Effective Business Presentations Challenging Activities Current Business Issues and Materials
Modern Video Lessons and Materials Realistic Business Case Studies Simulations of Business Situations
Conquer Business Emails, Business Reports, Action Minutes, Memos, and more Master Business Collocations Interesting Homework Assignments
Business Fundamentals and Concepts Resume and Cover Letter Writing Job Interview Practice
Multitudes of Group Speaking Activities Fun Computer-based Activities Communication Games

This interactive program REQUIRES your ACTIVE PARTICIPATION in all of the GROUP SPEAKING ACTIVITIES. This program has been adapted to suit virtual lessons via Zoom.

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Diploma of Bilingual Language Skills Program

Do you want to improve your English skills through interpretation and translation? Then this program is right for you! By taking this program, you will significantly improve your language skills and understand the language in its social and cultural contexts.

The Advantages of this Program:

Verbal and Written Translations Quick Response Activities
Simultaneous Interpretation Examining Common Errors and Ja-nglish (i.e.: Japanese English)
Improve Pronunciation Shadowing and Dialogue-based Activities
Social and Cultural Topics Guaranteed Improvement
Acquire Useful Vocabulary Fun Equipment
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IELTS Preparation Program

Are you planning to take an IELTS test in the future? In that case, this program is the right one for you!

It is designed to prepare students to write both the official academic and general IELTS tests.

The Advantages of this Program:

Understand the Test Format Learn Test Strategies
Build Confidence in Your Abilities Develop the Skills Needed for Success
Increase Your Score From 5 to 6.5-7 Complete Practice Tests
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Practical English for Speaking Program

This program is designed mainly for students who wish to improve their English speaking ability and pronunciation.

The Advantages of this Program:

Available for Beginners Improve Pronunciation
Real-life situations Become more confident in speaking English
Fun Activities Oral Interaction
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How You Learn English Online

The virtual lessons are conducted through a convenient and interactive digital platform, Zoom. Just like in a physical classroom, you will be able to interact with your teacher and classmates in real time. Before your first day in class, you will receive the recurring Zoom meeting ID and password from your instructor. You will use the same password and ID to join the class every weekday. In class, you will participate in a variety of fun and practical activities that are designed for virtual classes based on the lesson objectives. You will enjoy collaborative and task-based activities that integrate work on both receptive (i.e.: reading and listening) and productive language skills (i.e.: speaking and writing). You will be provided with high quality instruction and guidance and on-the-spot and after-activity correction and feedback. Your progress will be evaluated through continuous assessment of in-class work and homework assignments, which reinforce the material.

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Examples of Online Activities

  • Online role-plays and group social interactions
  • Online business case studies
  • Live debates and discussions
  • Live translation and simultaneous interpretation
  • Group writing activities on the interactive whiteboard
  • Online gap-fill, matching, and sentence completion exercises
  • Online video studies and listening comprehension exercises
  • Live article readings and discussions
  • Online pronunciation drills and accent reduction studies
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What You Gain

As a result, you will be able to improve accuracy (i.e.: make fewer or no mistakes), expand your vocabulary, learn and apply a variety of language structures, improve your command of English grammar, improve pronunciation, and develop fluency and the ability to clearly communicate meaning in English.

Why You Should Study English Online with CanPacific:


    Improve Your Language Skills

  • An opportunity to quickly improve your language skills and gain confidence
  • Original curricula and daily learning objectives
  • Small class sizes that allow for more speaking practice, in-depth examination of each language point, and time for working on any mistakes
  • Our “English Only” policy

    Sophisticated Online Platforms

  • An interactive online platform that allows you to participate in live conversations with your classmates and the teacher, share screens, send files, deliver presentations, type on the whiteboard, and more.
  • Innovative and engaging virtual lessons with unique online games, interactive whiteboard activities, live presentations, and virtual field trips
  • Meeting students from other countries without leaving your room
  • The virtual classroom experience closely resembles that of a physical one

    Great Teachers and Personal Care

  • Caring counselors and staff
  • Learning about Canadian culture
  • Fully qualified, dedicated and motivating instructors
  • Challenging homework assignments and detailed feedback from instructors


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Starts from

CAD $40

5hrs/a week

  • Price depends on the country (contact your counselor)


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