Canada and the Hockey Playoffs

Canada has a limited number of professional sports teams, especially outside of Toronto. Right now, it is hockey playoff season and only two Canadian teams are left playing, Toronto and Winnipeg.

Where is Winnipeg? It is the capital city of Manitoba. It is located on the longitudinal centre of Canada. That means the horizontal line (——-) of Canada.

Some Canadians are having trouble deciding who to cheer for, because we Canadians hate when an American team wins the Stanley Cup (the hockey championship). You see, every other Canadian team is out of the playoffs. They are done for the season. Only Winnipeg and Toronto can win the championship!

I am hoping for the Winnipeg Jets to win. They have not won in a long time and they have the best fans in the country. Winnipeg loves the Winnipeg Jets!

There is a great, and short, article here if you would like to read a little more about this topic.

Keep your stick on the ice! (This means, stay involved and stay active)

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