Halloween is another special occasion which celebrated on or around October 31st. In this single night in the year, old Celtic beliefs that, sprits and dead can cross over into the world of the living.

For this day people will decorate their houses with scary stuff like spider or spider’s web or skeletons. They will also wear scary customs. It is a fun day for children as well. They will wear special customs, carry a buckets which looks like a pumpkin or skeleton head, walking around the neighbourhood  knock on the door and ask for chocolate or candy .There are special types of food associated with Halloween. These include candies in packets decorated with symbols of Halloween, toffee apples made by coating real apples with a boiled sugar solution, roasted corn, popcorn and pumpkin pie or bread. Halloween beer, which is made by adding pumpkin and spices to the mash before fermenting it, is also available in specialist stores.


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