The insect that is beneficial to your home

Do not kill this creepy insect in Canadian homes! If you see this multicolored insect, do not scratch it under your slippers! This insect, which is a thousand feet, is seen in many homes and apartments. Despite their horrible appearance, these insects do not pose a threat and usually do not bite. Instead, they are the assassins of your apartment! These insects prefer to live in cool and humid places, so it’s more likely to find them in the bath and basement. Their life can range from 3 to 7 years old! They eat both spiders and  bedbugs. The insects also hunt beetles and termites in their rooms and in the kitchen. Therefore, their existence in your home is not harmful to you If you control the number of other insects in your home, the number of them will spontaneously diminish as you cut down on their food supplies. Also, they are not so strong and their bites will not penetrate the human skin. However in  rare cases, their bite has been reported. If you  do get a  bite symptoms include, itchiness and redness of skin. Fortunately, these insects do not live collectively in homes. If light shines on them or they are in danger, they will escape into the cracks and produce a very bad smell.








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