Canada Day

On July 1st 1867 a constitution act was passed to unite the different parts of Canada under one dominion. In order to celebrate this momentous event, a statutory holiday was created. Now, July 1st is referred to as “Canada Day.” A day dedicated for friends families and even strangers to get together in order to celebrate the countries “birthday.”


In Toronto, there are a bunch of free activities that are available for the public to enjoy. Such as free outdoor concerts at Harbourfront or Ontario place, fireworks and so much more. It’s even fun to just walk around ones own neighborhood. Generally on this day,  when walking down the streets it’s not uncommon to see neighbors adorned in all sorts of Canadian attire. Also, since the weather is generally warm and sunny, one will most likely see a lot of people leisurely walking around the city. To some, the long weekend is a great excuse to escape to the countryside; some Torontonians have cottages, which make for the perfect getaway. Others might try to go to different cities in Canada. Overall it’s a time to relax and celebrate what the country has to offer.

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