Make a new furry friend this Summer, visit Hamilton

As the summer season rapidly approaches, people start planning out their trips. From Niagara Falls to the city of Ottawa, Canada has a variety of sites that attract all sorts of travelers. One place that might gain a lot of sight seers this summer is the city of Hamilton. It’s a small port city located right next to Lake Ontario.

This year, the city has added a new picturesque sight that you might not want to miss. It’s a playful looking dog called Ralph. The interesting thing about Ralph is that he has been made entirely out of grass, more specifically Carex bronco. Horticulturists thought that this would be a fun creative statue to place outside of the city hall and they are not wrong! If you’re thinking of visiting Ralph, he is rumored to be around until early October, so you have plenty of time. It might even be a good idea to bring your own pet to play with this giant dog!

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