Frozen Yoghurt, the delicious “Healthy Alternative”

During the summer seasons in Canada, an individual will see a lot of people crowding around local ice cream shops trying to cool themselves down. This is because Canadian summers can get very hot. However, recently more and more people have become health conscious and aware of their eating habits. Ice cream might not be the healthiest choice when choosing a dessert. Although frozen yoghurt has been around for a long time, there has been a new surge in popularity. It has been dubbed as ice creams “healthy alternative”, after all yoghurt contains healthy probiotics! Rather than being made out of cream, frozen yoghurt is created out of milk. It also has a lower fat content. Thus, Canadians can still cool themselves down from the unbearable heat by munching on some delicious frozen dessert.

A recent trend that has become more popular is Self Serve Frozen yogurt. Cafes of this sort have emerged all over Toronto. One popular franchise that seems to be expanding is the shop “Yogurtys.” This café prides itself in giving the customer the choice to serve themselves however much they want. It’s a Canadian store that uses Canadian products. The idea is that individuals grab a standard cup and go to the self serve machines, which all contain different flavors. There is also a large topping bar near the cash register. There is a wide variety of toppings offered, from healthy products such as nuts and fruits to not so healthy food choices, such as cheesecake pieces and brownie bites. The yogurt store also caters to the needs of those with allergies and certain eating habits. Once the customer has filled up their cup they get to place it on the weighing scale in front of the cash register, where the cashier will tell you the cost.

On Wednesday may 23rd after a long day of class some of the CanPacific students walked down to the Yogurtys store located on Queen st west. They were delighted by all the options available. However, what they noticed was that it is easy to go overboard and indulge on your first trip here. People believe that they need to fill the entire cup and try every single topping. Doing this is a rookie mistake; the price of the dessert will be very expensive. However there are ways to cut back on the cost whilst still getting the most out of the trip. First, ask for sample cups, before putting any thing in your cup, taste it first. This will guarantee that you will enjoy whatever you place in your cup. Second you don’t have to fill the cup the whole way; figure out how much you actually want in your cup and fill accordingly. It is important to note that although it can be healthy, consuming too much or piling on the toppings can cancel out the benefits from this dessert.  In conclusion the verdict is that frozen yoghurt is delicious and is a great treat for the summer season.

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