The Positive Effects that come from knowing another Language

As the world becomes more globally connected, people must learn how to communicate with other cultures. One way to do this is to learn a new language. Although, initially, it can seem very intimidating, there are many benefits that can come out of knowing another language.  First and foremost being bilingual is seen as a great asset for employers. This is because they see these individuals as a link to other “communities.”  It might make the job hunt easier because you are more self confident. Apparently knowing another language can change the way an individual views themselves, this can then change the perception of how others view them. In addition, it is said that knowing another language can make you smarter and more creative; again employers value these characteristics in individuals. Being able to speak another language can expand an individual’s ability to retain information. As a result those who know another language tend to do better on tests as well.

Furthermore, knowing another language can be great to meet new people and make new friends. Once you have mastered another language it breaks down barriers between you and people. People are able to understand you and vice versa. The world practically becomes your oyster. On that note, knowing another language is great for travelling. This is because you can navigate new countries on your own. Additionally, you are able to communicate with locals, which will make your experience much more meaningful.

All in all there are numerous benefits that come out of knowing another language; it is a skill that opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

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