Breath or Breathe?

Once in a while, the word ‘breath’ is confused with ‘breathe.’ Well, there’s no need to worry, as the confusion will be cleared in this blog entry.

Please take a look at the following sentences:

  1. In order to survive, people need to breathe.
  2. Deep breaths are supposed to be soothing.

Based on the example sentences, you can see that ‘breathe’ with the ‘e’ is the verb and ‘breath’ without the ‘e’ is the noun.

Even though the words look similar, they are different from each other in meaning as well as pronunciation.

The verb ‘breathe’ means to inhale and exhale. The noun ‘breath’ is the air that we inhale and exhale.

In terms of the pronunciation, here are the phonetic notations:

Breathe – /brēT͟H/

Breath – /breTH/

Try saying these words.

Hopefully, this blog entry has cleared up any confusion that you might have felt about ‘breath’ and ‘breathe.’ Please leave a question in your comment if you’re still not sure about them.

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