Visual Learners

A learning style is one’s preferred method and way of learning. Some individuals prefer to learn new material through visual methods. In that case, they are visual learners.

In order to determine whether you’re a visual learner, try answering the following questions:

When learning something new, do you try to visualize the information?

Do you prefer looking at pictures over listening to recordings?

If your answers are affirmative, it is likely that you are a visual learner.

Visual learners better understand, absorb, and store new information if it’s represented visually in graphs, diagrams, flow charts, text, etc. If this is your style, you prefer to use your sight to understand and remember new information.

Vocabulary flashcards are useful tools for visual learners when trying to memorize new vocabulary. Furthermore, you could highlight information and color-code it in your notes. Mind maps are also very useful for visual learners.

Below, you will find a mind map that some students of our Business Communication Program have created in class:

At CanPacific, visual learners will find the following in-class activities to their taste:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Building mind maps
  • “Spot the Difference” games
  • Identifying vocabulary in pictures
  • Using visual aids and handouts
  • Creating drafts of advertisements
  • Designing an innovative product
  • Writing activities on the whiteboard
  • And more

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