Speaking strategy – ESL

Most people say speaking is the most stressful part of learning in a new language, but some people. At least can take a control of it, but listening, People speak so fast and it’s like our brain just shut down. We ask people to repeat what they have just said. And quite often that person just repeats what he/she said equally as fast as he or she said before. In real life we have two strategies. One is to pretend to understand and get out of the conversation as fast as we can. Obviously that’s not going to help if it’s a conversation with high stake it might have important consequences. For example, you are just chatting with a stranger at the bus stop. It doesn’t matter, you don’t understand, but imagine you’re at the government office or a bank trying to find out what paperwork you need to get your ID or open a bank account. In this case you should go with the second strategy. You should start the summary. And make questions about it. For example, asking which office is that again. You need to break it down into smaller question and the other person with will naturally a start answering them. That way you are controlling a conversation a bit more.


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