Canadians and The Royal Wedding

Prince Harry, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth, recently married actress Megan Markle. The wedding took place on May 19th in England. Although she was born in the United States, Canadians like to claim her as their own. This is because Megan lived in Toronto whilst filming the famous TV show Suits. In Fact, the couple started dating whilst she was living in the Canadian city. For the most part, Canadians are happy with this Union as Markle has brought forth a lot of positive attention toward Canada.

In general, the engagement and wedding gained a lot of attention from media outlets all over the world, for marrying the Prince of England is not an everyday event. Additionally, Megan Markle was not the typical “royal bride; she was born as a half black American. This was the first time in history that a member of the Monarchy would be marrying an individual who was an “ethnic minority.” Overall, this wedding is good for the Royal Family, as it shows that they are becoming more modernized; they are modifying some of their traditions to keep up with the changing views of the world.

It seems that the couples’ love for Canada is bountiful. In Fact, it is rumored that for their honeymoon the newlyweds will be travelling back to the North America. They will be staying at the Fairmount Jasper Park Lounge in Alberta.  The park itself is 700 acres; it highlights some of Canada’s natural features such as the wildlife, scenic views and so much more. To take advantage of their vacation, the couple will be staying in a wooden lodge.  Again, most Canadians couldn’t be more thrilled by this choice.

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