Fish and Chips: Activity

Fish and Chips is a classic English “takeaway dish” that people eat with their friends and family. The fish are deep fried in a batter so that they are nice and crispy on the outside. They are then served with a side of regular fries. The most traditional fish to use is the Cod, however restaurateurs have experimented with other types of fish to create an equally delicious experience. For the most part, the dish is wrapped up in a newspaper when served to the customer. Since England and Canada are closely tied it made perfectly good sense to test this meal out with some friends.  On June 5th a few students from CanPacific trekked down to Frescos Fish and chips, located in Kensington Market. Both the food and service at this location was excellent, students enjoyed the authenticity of the restaurant. In between bites of their meal the group had a chance to practice their English speaking skills.

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