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Canada is known to be cultural mosaic, meaning that one can find all sorts of ethnic groups coexisting together. This is especially true for Toronto, where an individual can find the whole world condensed into one City. Here, one does need to spend all that money travelling the world to experience the different cultures; they can simply hop on the TTC, (Toronto transit system) to a specific neighborhood and find themselves transported to the country of their choice.

Kensington Market is a lively neighborhood bursting with culture. It is sandwiched between Little Italy and Chinatown.  In general, the market is known for its wide range of eclectic shops, boutiques and restaurants. Whilst walking through the neighborhood, it’s easy to forget that one is in a busy city, as there is this laid back vibe that blankets over the area. In general, the community encapsulates what Toronto is all about, multiculturalism. There are a few reasons why Kensington market attracts people; first they offer a variety of items from all over the world, the clothes are cheap and the food is good. In Fact, one can find some of the best bites in all of Toronto in this neighborhood.

On June 12th a group of CanPacific Students got to experience the wonders of Kensington market.  After walking around for a little bit, the students decided to grab a bite at a restaurant called “Rasta Pasta,” known for its fusion of Italian and Jamaican cuisine. The dishes are known to be flavorful, as it combines the best of both Italian and Jamaican culture.  After ordering their meals, the group walked over to a local park to eat and talk about their experience together, thus giving students the opportunity to further enhance their English speaking skills. All in all, the trip was a success.



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