Main challenges in speaking English

Speaking English is one of the most difficult skills for ESL students. They face many challenges while they are learning this skill. Here I will talk about 5 biggest challenges:

1st grammar, English grammar is complex, so it is sometimes difficult to remember them. Knowing grammar rules is one thing, using them while talking is another thing.

2nd vocabulary, as you know each English vocabulary has several meaning and different part of a speech, which choosing the correct Vocabulary while you are talking is really important.

3rd  slang and expression, every language has its own slangs an expression. If you want to speak like a native speakers it is necessary to use them while you are talking

4th pronunciation, pronunciation is very difficult for the ESL students. They need to practice in order to pronounce certain words properly.

5thVariation in English, knowing that the difference between formal an informal language and spelling is also difficult for some students.

What kind of challenges have you faced while speaking English?






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