Summer Camps in Canada

During the months of July and August, parents often sign their children up for some sort of summer camp. This could be seen as way for parents to keep their kids occupied when school is out.  Summer camps are a great way for children to make lifelong friends and develop some outdoor skills. The duration of the camps can range from just a week to months. When picking the camp, Parents have to choose what they believe is best for their child. This is because there are a variety of options available out there. For instance, there are some camps which cater to children who like music and others which focus more on sports. Some camps just run during the day, whilst others are designed for children to sleepover.

Day camps are seen as a great way for parents to ensure that their children are looked after whilst they are at work. A general day camp works like this; at around 8 am every morning a bus comes to your house and picks up the child and at around 4 or 5 pm the bus drops the child off at your house. This is super convenient for parents who have a tight work schedule. Day camps are normally located around the city, generally, high school or university/college students looking to make some extra cash sign up to be counselors . For the most part, children just play games all day. Some specific camps like tennis camp or soccer camp focus on the specific sport and enhancing a certain skill.  Several parents send their children to day camps when they are young and then transition to overnight camps when they believe that their child is ready to live away.

These Overnight camps are different than day camps. First and Foremost, they are located on a campsite further away from the city. These campsites are generally near a lake. In a traditional stay away camp, children sleep in log cabins with 6-8 other people their own age. These camps focus on nature, for instance they teach children how to swim, canoe hike and so on. With some camps, children don’t have access to the internet so they must write letters to their family members. There are also certain days during the month when parents are allowed to come up to visit their child. To some parents these overnight camps are seen as a tradition among the family; when they were young, they too were sent to these camps to stay. Breakfast lunch and dinner are also provided at these camps. Camps like these are designed to create and strengthen friendships.

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